Old Wood Oil Varnish, Classical Amber

Item Code OW27610-00




This varnish produces a beautiful, transparent warm and resistant film. It gives an optimum result to be combined with pigments, dyes and on glazes.

It makes the colors brighter and gives depth, luminosity and incomparable solidity. It can be diluted with linseed oil, walnut oil, white spirit, turpentine or lavender oil and with OW Thinner.

Due to the quality of the oils used, they give the varnish excellent levelling, drying and resistance to external agents properties. The physical properties of the finish will also depend on carrying out a correct curing or drying of the applied film.

During drying, in addition to the evaporation of the solvents oxidation, reactions also occur with the oxygen in the air. This autoxidation is controlled in all Oldwood varnishes by a correct selection of siccatives that guarantee a homogeneous drying on the entire thickness of the applied film.

Oldwood recommends drying oil-based varnishes in an UV chamber.

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