John Juzek Violas


Juzek Viola Model #202

Model #202 is a value price student model ideal for the beginner. Carved spruce top, maple back, with good quality hardwood fittings. The outfit includes shaped case, wood bow with horsehair and rosin.


Juzek Viola Model #203

Model #203 is a quality instrument with superior playability and tone. Fully carved spruce top and carved maple back with inlaid purfling. Good quality ebony trimmings and composite tailpiece add to the value of this violin. Prelude or Red Label string options. This outfit includes a wood bow, shaped case, and rosin.


Juzek Viola Model #205

Model #205 is a fine quality step-up outfit. Perfectly adjusted to provide excellent playability and a pleasant under ear tone. Handmade with a fully carved select spruce top and nicely flamed maple back. Hand varnished, quality ebony fittings, and quality composite tailpiece. Set up with Dominant strings.

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