The idea behind Larsen is to develop, produce and market globally strings of the finest musical quality for bowed instruments. What drives them is their love of music. Their goal is to enhance the musical experience of the listener. Larsen Strings A/S is now a small, highly focused niche company that produces strings of the finest musical quality for cello, viola and violin. The company trains its own staff and exports 99% of production.



Standard violin sets include a steel E, aluminum wound A, aluminum or silver D, and silver G. Tzigane sets are wound on composite fiber material. Aluminum wound A, silver wound D and G. Tzigane strings have a dark and very rich sound with volume and power.


Larsen viola strings include an aluminum/steel A, aluminum wound D, silver wound G and C. They are a clear, and rich sounding string.


Standard Cello A and D are steel core with chrome winding. Standard G and C strings are steel core with tungsten winding. Soloist A and D are steel core, chrome wound with greater brilliance and projection. Wirecore G and C are steel core and wound with tungsten and nickel.

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