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Andreas Pahler is a Mittenwald trained violin maker and studied forester. Upon completion of the Mittenwald Violin Making School he worked in various restoration and violinmaking workshops. He then studied forestry at the Technical University in Munich and specialized in wood technology. Using his background of experience and knowledge he selects and prepares timber ideal for the making of quality stringed instruments. All tonewood is personally selected by Mr. Pahler.

Key facts about Pahler Tonewood:

  • All wood is naturally seasoned over several years
  • Spruce originates from mixed and protected forests at about 1000m above sea level in the Alps
  • European spruce has a high modulus of elasticity (MOE) compared to other spruce species worldwide; this can be reflected in working tops thinner and other spruce species
  • Billets are cut according to the natural split line of the trunk to get the best results
  • Excellent quality as well as a large variety of soundpost diameters
  • Maple originates from either Bosnia or selected stands in Eastern Europe

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