Akord Kvint Instruments

Akord Kvint was founded in 1991 by Josef Holis in the small town of Luby, Czech Republic. Luby has a long tradition of string instrument craftsmanship going back to the mid-seventeenth century. Mr. Holis was able to gather both famous and young talented violin makers, mostly master luthiers, and create the most qualified professional team in the Czech Republic. In 2019 his sons Jan and Petr took over as Managing Director and Deputy respectively. Josef Holis remains working for the company more intensively in production and quality management. Near the end of 2019 Metropolitan Music was extremely proud to be name Exclusive U.S. Distributor by the Holis family.

Model No. 028 is a student instrument and its quality is much higher than usually common for products of such a grade. The outstanding Czech craftsmanship is combined with using the best wood, other materials and accessories delivered exclusively from respected suppliers. The finish is produced by water stain, aniline colours, water ground varnish and, finally, a spirit coat to reach a high polish. Wittner tailpiece and Tonica strings.

Harald Lorenz Model 8A

Concert violin with beautifully flamed back, sides and neck, selected aged spruce top. Precisely and carefully made violin. Spirit varnished, richly shaded. Fine quality ebony fittings with Parisian eye including Guarneri model chinrest, Thomastik Dominant Strings.

Josef Holpuch Model no. 40

All the master instruments from the Akord Kvint workshop are made from the best aged wood – Alpine resonance spruce and beautifully flamed Bosnian maple. Master luthiers Jan Fronk, Jan Lorenz, Lubos Deraha, and Josef Holpuch build their instruments individually, using the traditional proceedings and working in the Stradivarius and Guarnerius styles. Their instruments are not only outstanding as for the tone and aesthetic, but thanks to the fact that their value increases with aging, their purchase is a good investment of money as well. The tone qualities of each instrument are tested by members of the Dvořák Quartet and the professors of the Prague Conservatory. Each master instrument is supplemented by a certificate signed by the master luthier who built it.

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