About Us

We are a wholesale business specializing in the bowed instrument line of instruments, accessories, strings, parts, tools, tonewood, varnish and related supplies.

Metropolitan Music Company started as Czechoslovak Musical Instruments Company around 1920 and was located at 1342 Second Avenue in New York City. Although John Juzek was already selling violins this is when the company that became Metropolitan Music Co. started. John Juzek's shop was located in Prague but there were also luthiers located in Schönbach, Czechoslovakia where stringed instruments were being produced to John Juzek's standards to meet the demands of the sales in America. Countless instruments were produced there and carried the John Juzek label. The models ranged from beginning student violins to Master Art violins.

The company originally sold only the violin family plus mandolins and guitars. As the business grew so did the product offerings. The business moved to 1358 First Avenue presumably to house the growing product line. A full line of band instruments were offered including brass, woodwinds and drums. Other instruments such as accordions, ukuleles and banjos were also offered. All instruments were available for inspection and purchase in the showroom or via mail order through the general catalog. During this time the company name was changed to Metropolitan Music Co. The company also sold on a wholesale level to dealers and also supplied some very large accounts such as the entire New York City school system (late 40's to mid 60's). The company made another move to 222 Fourth Avenue. This was the location until 1974 when we moved to Westwood, New Jersey. By this time the instrument line was being reduced in order to focus more on the John Juzek string line as well as luthiers tools and accessories. Three years later in 1977 we moved to our current location in the mountains of Stowe, Vermont. Since then we have continued to offer the John Juzek line of instruments and also become very involved in the manufacturing of stringed instrument parts, luthiers tools, and accessories. Our trademarks include the Ibex Luthier Tools line, Resonans Shoulder Rests, and Ultra Practice Mutes. Other "house names" over the years have included E. Dupree and F.N. Voirin bows. Our full line of stringed instruments, cases, accessories, tonewoods and parts are primarily of European origin and available through our general catalog.

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