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Since 1920

We are a wholesale company supplying the bowed instrument trade. Tonewoods, tools, finishing supplies, bow parts, & books are available for purchase through our website without a dealer account.

Dealers & Luthiers please call us at 866-846-5461 to set up a wholesale account for full access to our B2B website.
Or, you may email us at sales@metmusic.com.

Sole Importer of John Juzek Stringed Instruments

Some of the well-known brands that we carry:
Juzek, Akord Kvint, Doerfler, Glasser, Raposo, Aubert, Despiau, Teller, Wittner, Rubner, Things 4 Strings, Hidersine, Hill, AB, Melos, Andrea Rosin, Salchow Rosin, RDM Rosin, Rockin' Rosin, Nyman, Intelli, Ultra Practice Mutes, Resonans Shoulder Rests, Kun, Mach, Wolf, Winter

New Menuhin Mute, Polly Mute, Rockin' Rosin, Bow Hold Buddies, CelloPhant, Hold Fish

Pirastro, D'Addario, Larsen, Jargar, Prim, Lenzner, Super-Sensitive, Hill, Lenzner, LaBella, Westminster, Thomastik

Importer and wholesaler of Jakob Winter Cases

Tools, Tonewood, Varnishes:
Ibex Luthier Tools, Juzek Tools USA, Herdim Tools, Gleissner, Pahler, Bachmann, Grobet, Hammerl Varnish, Old Wood Varnish

Sloane Bass Machines

Plus many more!

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