Deluxe Mold and Pattern Set

Item Code GL28160

This deluxe mold and pattern set contains all of the templates including body outline, neck/scroll, f-hole, upper and lower blocks, corner blocks, and arching templates. The form is made from 15mm birch plywood and the inside includes the housings for all blocks. The back, scroll, blocks, and archings are a black rigid laminated material that will guarantee a long life even with frequent use. The f-holes is a high-density transparent polycarbonate which is very elastic and allows for modification and personalization. A brief history of the maker, history of the violin, color photo, as well as a small illustrated user manual are also included. 100% made in Italy under strict supervision by expert luthiers.

Options include: Strad Messiah 1716, Strad Cremonese, Guarneri Kreisler 1733, Guarneri 1743 Cannone, and Nicolo Amati 1649 Allard.


Item Includes

Item Includes

Body template
Neck/scroll template
F-hole template
Upper and lower block housings
Corner blocks
Arching templates
History of maker, history of violin, color photo
Illustrated user manual

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