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Benedetto Archtop Guitar Bridge String Marker, made of machined, black anodized aluminum, measuring 4” x 3 1/4” x 1/2".

How to use the Benedetto Archtop Guitar Bridge String Marker
Regardless of varied neck widths and fingerboard scales, the Bridge String Marker is an easy and reliable way to locate string spacing on wooden bridges of any archtop guitar.

The distances between the six spacers are calculated so that the strings are spaced equidistant from each other and not from the string centers.

1.  On the top edge of the bridge saddle, locate the centers of the two outer E strings.  This is determined by the guitar’s neck width and the subtleties of your own personal preference.  Mark these two E string locations with a pencil, then file small notches or make knife impressions at these two locations.

2.  Position the bridge upside down so that the saddle corresponds with the string sequence noted on the marker (E A D G B E).

3.  Locate the two E notches on the bridge saddle with the outer string markers (E and E) and with a rocking motion apply enough downward pressure to create impressions for the inside four strings.

4.  You’re finished!  All that’s left is to file the six notches to your preferred depths. 

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