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MAG-ic Probe is an electronic thickness gauge capable of accurately measuring the thickness of any non-ferromagnetic materials. MAG-ic Probe provides an easy and affordable tool that can measure the thickness of large plates and is especially useful for measuring thicknesses on fully assembled instruments. A probe is applied to one surface of the plate and a ball is applied to the opposite side. These attract each other and the MAG-ic Probe tool will measure and display the thickness in both mils (1/1000th inch) and milimeters (1/100th mm). This is the latest version with new features including: Tactile keypad, menu system to guide through calibration steps and features, lower power consumption, simplified magnet options, hold mode and battery level indicator on startup. Two magnets are included.

Upon placing an order for the MAG-ic Probe we can send a discount code for $50 off Mag-ic Probe PRO software download from their website.




Will measure and display the thickness in both mils (1/1000th inch) and millimeters (1/100th mm, accurate to 1/10th mm).
MAG-ic Probe may be used to measure the thickness of any non-ferromagnetic material up to 15mm. This includes Wood, Plastics, Aluminum, Copper and composite sheet materials.
If you do not want to record your measurements and just want to display the measurements as you are shaping or analyzing an instrument, MAG-ic Probe WiFi will now connect to any phone, tablet or computer that has WiFi capability and display the measurements without downloading any apps.
Simply join the MAG-ic Probe WiFi, open the browser on your device and connect to see your measurements in real time.

Item Includes

Item Includes

Two magnets are included.

Free MAG-ic Probe Lite Software is available for download at 

Pro Software is available for purchase directly through

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