Alliance Vivace

A very fast and accurate response under the bow. Increased possibility for nuances under the sightest bow pressure. A perfectly defined elasticity and stiffness which generate depth and density of sound and give the feeling of volume. A rich and clear sound in all positions of the fingerboard.

Steel E, A string aluminum wound on Alliance KF, D string silver/aluminum wound on Alliance KF, G string silver/alloy wound on Alliance KF



Wound on a nylon core the Crystal sring position in the top of the range product thanks to the Stabilon multifilament. Corelli has managed to give the Crystal a natural and warm sound. Due to their sounding characteristics the Crystal string cna be mixed with steel as well as gut. This results in additional possibilities of balance of the instrument and sound.

Steel E, A aluminum wound Stabilon, D aluminum/alloy on Stabilon, G silver/alloy on Stabilon

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