Chevalets Despiau



We are proud to offer Despiau fine bridges. All violin, viola, cello and bass bridges are treated. Baroque bridges are available by special order.

The Despiau family, wood craftsmen since 1920.
Three generations recognized for their high quality in wood manufacturing.
Jean-Louis Despiau created the first bridge in 1984, after 10 years of research on acoustics, boosting the manufacturing to become CHEVALETS DESPIAU, one of today's world leaders in this exclusive market of high quality bridges for stringed instruments.
Three of his children joined the company later on to take on the sales and marketing, quality and management roles.
They offer a complete range of products, classical and baroque styles which will meet your highest expectations: high, medium, low arch and heart, treated or untreated wood, customized bridges. All these are available in four different types of quality.


Please call or email to set up an account to order.

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