Tip Shield Cello Bow Tip

Item Code TS16709

Tip Shield™ is nearly indestructible. From David Warther, maker of Tip Armor. This is by far the strongest bow tip material available. The material itself is a high strength polymer developed and made in the USA. The heads will not break off during application or in use. This may sound impossible but David tried to break a head off from a tip and after expending much effort with pliers and vise he was only able to break the floor behind the head.
Tip Shield™ also takes a high polish and has a very attractive off white-light almond color.  
It is worked with ease utilizing standard carving and bow making tools.




Made to industry standard size of .5" width X 1.2" length X .200" ++ head height. Floor is 1 mm + thick. Head is precision milled at a 90 degree or 83 degree angle.

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