Whitehorse Imitation Bow Hair Hank

Item Code HW1772

WhiteHorse™ imitation violin bow hair is an advanced polymer with a scientifically applied and proprietary surface finish resulting in fibers that possess the same properties as high-quality natural horsehair. WhiteHorse™ bow hair has the following advantages over real hair: 1 - Not affected by temperature changes. 2 - Not affected by humidity/moisture changes. 3 - It is non shredding and it has a much longer life. 4 - It has greater strength and durability. 5 - WhiteHorse™ hair is made of an advanced polymer that has the same harmonics in the material itself as real horse hair. 6 - Combs out easily for a smooth application. 7 - Uniform and consistent in quality.  8 - No deterioration and recyclable. 9 - This is a Vegan material. 10 - Material harmonics, dynamic scales-ranges, and performance are excellent. The feel and the feel in play are that of real hair.

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You should treat WhiteHorse™ bow hair pretty much like regular hair. It will comb out nicely either wet or dry. We recommend dry only because when it gets wet it takes a fair amount of time to fully dry enough to take up rosin. Be sure not to use too large an amount of hair, and do not try to adjust the hair with a flame. Utilizing hot air from a hair dryer is not a problem.
After knotting you can use a small amount of CA glue to the knot winding. Any stray hair is best to cut out with a small sharp blade rather than to pluck out as you would do with real hair.

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