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An English translation of the historic French manual of violin and guitar construction. By J.C. Maugin.
A high quality, hardcover edition using Smythe sewn case binding for durability and longevity. 280 pages.
Translated and edited by: John Saucier, W. Brad Holley, and Kate Rickenbacker

A guitar maker, violin maker, and professor of French have collaborated to make this important resource available to a broader audience. Originally published in Paris in 1834, the Manuel du Luthier, or Luthier’s Manual, details the construction of the violin, other members of the violin family, bows, and the guitar. This book is based on the first edition published in Paris. The original French text has been included along with the English translation.




The contents include:

  • Detailed instructions for the construction of the violin and bow
  • Discussion of the construction of the viola, cello, and double bass
  • Detailed recipes for colors and varnishes, including finishes for both the violin family and guitar
  • A discussion on the repair of violin family instruments
  • A discussion of rosin
  • An essay on bowed instruments written by Auguste Olto, originally from German
  • Detailed instructions for drawing a plan for a violin using only a ruler and compass, attributed to Antonio Bagatelle, from 1782
  • Detailed instructions for the construction of the guitar
  • Description of tools
  • Discussion of the selection of woods
  • 65 figures from the original plates depicting tools, molds, and instrument parts
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